Delmege Agency doesn’t just develop buildings, 
Delmege Agency creates legacies.

With a strong focus on collaborative dealings, the company works on all aspects of a project from purchase of land and development of facilities and buildings, through to sale or leasing of properties upon completion. With experience that dates back more than 50 years, Delmege Agency builds long term relationships and delivers solutions that meet demand in a constantly changing property market.  The team understands that development goes beyond just erecting a building, and ensures there are constant benefits flowing from the project. 

While creating a positive and rewarding experience for all clients and establishing relationships that last a lifetime, Delmege Agency has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and professionalism. Delmege Agency has the experience, passion and resources needed to take on major projects and works with all levels of government and its significant industry networks to deliver outcomes that benefit all involved.

Our main services include:

 + Advice and guidance around future developments

+ Liaison between developer and government

+ Sales and leasing

+ Assistance with development applications

+ Project management

+ Property management


Delmege Agency ultimately provides all services from beginning to end of a development, all sales and leasing and management.